Leesburg has changed and so have I

I recently moved back to Leesburg after living in Fort Lauderdale for the past six years.  An opportunity knocked to “come back” or as I liked to say “move forward” to Leesburg to begin a new practice. Because like Leesburg , I have evolved.  Leesburg has more business investment, new housing, and more people are now moving to the area from all over the country; needless to say, not quite how I left the small town in 2012.  I left, moved to a metropolitan city, and lived close to the ocean.  Big city living at its very best!  Thanks to those experiences, I’m not quite the same person who left in 2012.  I’ve have six more years  experience and worked with a community with all kinds of cultural backgrounds including athletes, young and old alike.  Because of the needs of my eclectic clientele, I’ve taken additional courses and have added cupping and more specific muscular therapy work. I’ve reconfigured my offering and related fees—keeping in mind that each client has different needs.  Whether it’s 30,50,75 or 90 minutes, we will work together for a different you.  This new fee schedule includes a no tipping policy. Yes, Leesburg has changed and so have I!

One Door Closes, Another Opens

A bitter-sweet blog post today. I am closing my Fort Lauderdale office on June 15th. I'm relocating back or as I like to say "moving forward" to Leesburg FL, where I lived and practice before moving to FTL.   I will be opening up a new practice in Leesburg, hopefully late June early July.  My FTL clients you all rock and I will miss you all very much. Thank you for supporting my practice these last 6 years. If you have friends or family that live in the Leesburg/ Lake County area please pass on my name. 

Tracey Samples Massage Moving to Leesburg

Safety and Trust

Safety and Trust with Your Massage TherapistWill you notice the art work on my walls? Maybe. Will you notice the particular aromatherapy in the air? Maybe.

But what I know with certainty you will notice is a sense of safety and trust.

Massage therapy and body work is a very personal service. Clients are placing their bodies in my hands and I do not take that respect and trust for granted. The oldest principle of healers is alive and well in my practice; that is, do no harm.

This is why before each session we sit - you talk, I listen - and we get clear on your specific needs and your intentions for the session.  No two clients get the same cookie-cutter massage. That’s why I don’t offer a specific menu of services. Each session is customized to you and how you feel on that particular visit.

The ways you can customize your session are endless:

If you want to talk, I can listen.  If you want to simply relax, take deep breaths and just “be,”  go right ahead - there’s no such thing as an awkward silence, only peace.

In any bodywork experience, communication is key. Is the pressure too much or too little? Just let me know and I will adjust.  Want to be fully clothed? No problem. Prefer being undressed (under the sheet, of course)? No problem.  Ready to end your session altogether? As you wish.

You can even decide the temperature of the air and the music being played in the background.

The most important thing for me is that you feel happy and healthy when you walk out of my office. This is YOUR session and YOU determine how it goes. I am at your service.

Why your feet need a massage

foot massageWe usually don’t think about our feet. Until they hurt. We tend to take them for granted, but like other parts of our body they can get tired, overused, sore, and in need of some attention.
When they start to hurt it can lead to many other problems.

When your feet hurt, you do not want to do much of anything. You just want to stay off of them. Your body likes to move, however. Moreover, your brain functions better when you are active. So foot pain can quickly lead to other issues.

Foot pain can cause other pain in your body. If your foot hurts, you change the way you stand, walk, and move. Those changes affect your legs. When your legs hurt, you make more changes in what you do, which affects your hips, then your back, then your neck.

Some jobs involve being on your feet most of the day. Often it is on hard floors or rough terrain. You may have a long walk from the parking lot to your job.

At home, we walk around to take care of our place, our family, and our belongings. We shop, stand to chat with a friend, stand in lines, and walk around doing errands. We cook, do laundry, clean and put things away. You may make multiple trips up and down stairs every day. Yard work and home maintenance keep us on our feet as well.

You may kick things out of the way or stomp your feet to let out some frustration. You may do the extra walking for exercise or from an inconvenience, or run to make it somewhere on time.

If you enjoy sports you use your feet to run, jump, and kick. Your feet take a real pounding since they support all your body weight along with the extra force from the exertion.

For exercise or fun activities you use your feet for yoga and fitness classes, hiking, climbing, kickboxing, and dance - and hauling all of your equipment around.

Your feet have things dropped on them, and they get stepped on. You step on unexpected things such as rocks, tools, or toys (Legos!).

All of your leg joints are all affected by your feet. Joints are under pressure from muscles and bones pulling and twisting on them. Relieving foot pain allows your muscles and joints to be in their proper positions and with less pressure on them you feel better.

We squeeze our feet into uncomfortable shoes or boots. Sometimes it may be for the sake of fashion, such as high heels. Other times work footwear is uncomfortable. Sandals may be more comfortable, but they may not provide the support your feet need.

Massage provides relief from Plantar Fasciitis, heel pain, and other common foot pain. Most muscles that move your foot start in your calf, so relieving foot pain can also reduce calf pain too.

Your feet do a lot for you. Give them some attention with a massage, so you can keep doing what you want.

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