Communication is Key

Communication is KeyCommunicating with your massage therapist is essential for a long term relationship. I often say to my clients, “I can’t read your mind.” Like any relationship with a spouse, friends, family members, expressing your needs is important to me. I want to know, from our last session, if there was anything you would like to do differently for this session. Please tell me if you need to be cooler or warmer.  Do you want different music?  Not all of my clients want music with flutes, pianos, and water sounds. Some clients relax differently and want rock and roll instead.

It’s your massage! If you have questions about what and why I am using this particular technique, just ask.  If you had negative reaction from the last session, like you were really sore the next day or you got a headache, let me know and we will work differently this session.  You are not going to hurt my feelings by asking for what you need.  If I am using too much pressure in a specific area, let me know.  Sometimes while I am working on clients, I go into a zone where I am so focused on the body; I may not be paying attention to the grimace on a client’s face or the tensing up of a muscle. Bottom line, communicate with me; it’s your massage.

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