Safety and Trust

Safety and Trust with Your Massage TherapistWill you notice the art work on my walls? Maybe. Will you notice the particular aromatherapy in the air? Maybe.

But what I know with certainty you will notice is a sense of safety and trust.

Massage therapy and body work is a very personal service. Clients are placing their bodies in my hands and I do not take that respect and trust for granted. The oldest principle of healers is alive and well in my practice; that is, do no harm.

This is why before each session we sit - you talk, I listen - and we get clear on your specific needs and your intentions for the session.  No two clients get the same cookie-cutter massage. That’s why I don’t offer a specific menu of services. Each session is customized to you and how you feel on that particular visit.

The ways you can customize your session are endless:

If you want to talk, I can listen.  If you want to simply relax, take deep breaths and just “be,”  go right ahead - there’s no such thing as an awkward silence, only peace.

In any bodywork experience, communication is key. Is the pressure too much or too little? Just let me know and I will adjust.  Want to be fully clothed? No problem. Prefer being undressed (under the sheet, of course)? No problem.  Ready to end your session altogether? As you wish.

You can even decide the temperature of the air and the music being played in the background.

The most important thing for me is that you feel happy and healthy when you walk out of my office. This is YOUR session and YOU determine how it goes. I am at your service.

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