Keeping Me Informed

De-La-Rochefoucauld quoteIt is always important to keep me updated about your body when you come for your next appointment so your session is optimal for your needs. Since our last session, what has happened physically or emotionally in your life?

  • Have you tripped on the sidewalk or did you overdo it gardening or playing tennis?
  • Did you have a stressful situation with a family member or find out some bad news that may be causing stress in a certain area of your body?  
  • Are you taking a new medication that may be contraindicated in the techniques I use?
  • Have you had any surgical procedures recently that may have put your body in awkward position that could affect the pain or discomfort you are having today?
  • Have you thought about something I did in our last session that you would want me to do differently in this session? 

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