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Tracey is truly amazing and does wonders! She takes the time to get to know each person and personalize their session. Even if you have had massages before, you have NEVER had one like one from Tracey. She works WONDERS!!!!! She goes above and beyond and is incredibly talented at what she does! SIMPLY THE BEST!

Alison Avayu

I have had many different types of massages throughout the years for different areas of my body.  Tracey’s treatment is like none other! She really listened to what I was saying, asked questions and approached the issues I was experiencing like no one has before.  She focuses on mind, body and spirit all working together for you to truly be in balance.  I always feel taller and lighter when I leave her sessions.  She has helped me more than she will ever know.  I cannot recommend her enough!!

Tammie Vinson

Tracey has helped me through a shoulder surgery and now chemo. she is amazing and has made a huge difference in my treatment and recovery

Alissa Sustarsic

Tracey is a miracle worker!  First off, when you visit her, she takes the time to get to know you, your history and what your goals are.  It truly is "holistic healing"!  She herself is such a kind and loving person and it comes through when she is working with you.  I had been meaning to schedule an appointment for some time and then a shoulder injury hit me like a freight train.  I called her and she got me in and went to work.  Her technique is incredible - she listens to you and what your body is telling her.  After having troubles with my shoulder for quite a few months, she was able to find the problem and work it out.  AMAZING!  Whether you are looking for a relaxing massage or you have an injury - call her, she will work wonders!  Thank you Tracey!

Allison A

I've been having issues with my right foot/ankle complex and have not been able to find a good LMT to help. I'm a personal trainer so I'm on my feet a lot and also workout frequently. The massage I received today felt amazing and really hit on certain points that were causing the issues with my foot/ankle. I will be going back to keep my muscles flexible and loose.

Michael K. - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I've been seeing Tracey for a couple of years now and by far she is the most intuitive massage therapist out there! She knows her craft well and takes time to listen to her clients. I recently slipped and fell. I've been visiting my chiropractor but still felt pain, which was residual muscular pain. I scheduled an appointment with Tracey which was super easy via her new online scheduling appointment system. I arrived a few minutes before my appointment and we discussed what had happened. I noticed her office was recently updated with fresh paint and new floors- it looked great! I got on the table and she made the decision to massage me on my side vs. front/back. Honestly, I've never been massaged on my side before but it felt great and alleviated a ton of the pain I felt. 50 minutes flew by but I'll definitely be back soon because she's that good!

Nicole Vernon

Tracey is awesome! I came into an appointment barely able to walk with hip pain, and left being able to walk normally! She is truly a healer and can figure out the deeper issues that are causing the pain in your body. I am amazed at her work and am so happy to have found someone like this in the area. Her approach to healing is truly something that everyone should experience.

Sonya E.

I am thrilled that Tracey is back in Leesburg! She has made such a positive difference in my life. Tracey is not your usual massage therapist - she is a true healer. I have been going to Tracey for many years and even continued to see her after she moved out of the area. She has helped me through injuries and stress related body issues. She is very in tune with the mind and body connection and tailors each massage to your specific needs. She has truly changed my life for the better.

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Karen Kelly Stokes

Just heard that Tracy has moved back to her home base in Florida. Boy are you guys ever lucky. Here is what Tracy has to offer as a massage therapist: a multitude of techniques that she has been trained in, and the ability to figure out what you need if you aren't able to tell her...your body changes, your psyche changes? Tracy changes what she is able to do to help you. The atmosphere is always calm and soothing, but she has the ability to go as deep as you want. Tracy worked at our health center here in Ann Arbor, Michigan for several years. We all miss her so very much, and know that she is at the top of the list of great therapist.s Do not hesitate to make an appointment with her, and I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

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Mary Tillinghast - Castle Remedies of Ann Arbor

Outstanding service. Body was holding a lot of tightness one session had me feeling 100% better.

Highly recommend & buy a Rice cat if any left.

Thanks for working on me. 10 Stars

Melissa Willis

Tracey is amazing! After suffering for a week with a neck and shoulder pain with no relief, I decided to try massage therapy. I feel lucky to have found someone who listened to my issues, asked my goals and then proceeded to make it happen. I walked out in less pain and more mobility which is exactly what I wanted. I highly recommend you see Tracey if you're thinking about massage therapy.

Wendy Carroll

For several months I have been seeing Tracey on a regular basis. I am a 70 year old dance teacher and choreographer happy to be feeling great and dancing as much as I do! I know I am doing the right thing by  having sessions with Tracey and taking care of my body. On occasions when I arrive with pain or discomfort she listens to my concerns and goes to work addressing the problem. My sessions will definitely continue. I highly recommend Tracey! Be assured she will take the time to learn about you and your body.. She is wonderful.

Sally Gage, Leesburg, FL

Had first visit based on a co-workers recommendation. I received my first Prenatal massage and Tracey was awesome! I felt very comfortable with her and she listened to me and my needs. I LOVE that she has rebooking discounts for loyal customers. I also LOVE that she does weekend appointments.

Tip: Her facility is super clean and comfortable, but it is not a "day spa" atmosphere. Don't mistake me: had no trouble relaxing-but its not "fluffy" I wanted a professional who knew her stuff...and that's what I got.

I have not had nearly the back pain since I saw her. I will be a regular!

From YELP!

Jordan C

I had the most amazing massage with Tracy just after Christmas.  It was so much more than just a massage!  As an acupuncturist myself, I really appreciated all the tools Tracy brought to the treatment.  She incorporated elements of Oriental medicine, Back Flower essences, and more.  I went in feeling a bit frazzled still from all the holiday hustle and bustle.  I left feeling calm, centered and strong.  Not only was my body relaxed, but I also noticed a significant shift in my interactions with others.  I'm feeling much more open and just a greater sense of ease in multiple areas of my life.  Thank you, Tracy!  It was exactly what I needed.

Katie F.

"I would like to share my experience with Tracey. I live in Ann Arbor Mi and had the pleasure of working in the same building as Tracey. To this day whenever I have a massage I cannot help but compare it to the massages I received from Tracey. She sets the bar. She is the most intuitive and thoughtful massage therapist I have ever met. She moved away years ago but her name comes up in conversation often with longing. We talk about a rode trip just to get another massage. If you haven't been to see her yet, don't wait. She is a true professional with a big heart and amazing skills."

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Carol K

Such an amazing experience! I was in Ft Lauderdale recently and Tracey was recommended to me by a friend. I've never had a massage where I've left feeling not only physically better, but emotionally as well. Tracey has a gift that everyone should experience. I can't wait to go back on our next trip!

Jessica S., Paola, KS

Ok so I have to tell you, I'm a super picky person! I am not ashamed to admit that I have high expectations when I receive a "service" because I believe I provide above and beyond service in my line of work and want everyone to be the same. I work really hard (as we all do) and my problem is, finding the time to treat myself. So when I do, I want the best! Anyway, I have visited Tracey Samples' office twice in the past 2 years and have really LOVED every moment of it! Her touch is intent full, meaningful and with purpose. Every back, muscle or neck issue I have, she truly resolves it. She doesn't just make me feel good while I'm on the table, but I feel the lasting effects for days afterwards. That's pretty powerful if you ask me. As a result, she has ruined me, lol.  So most recently, I received a gift certificate to an upscale spa from one of the groups I organize. I was expecting an "ahhhh"-mazing hot stone massage from someone everyone on raved about. Well my experience, sadly left me disappointed. I then truly realized the gift and value Tracey Samples brings to her massages. It's not a foo-foo spa-di-da massage at all. She is worth the investment in your own health and will provide you with healing results! No joke! I highly recommend her!

Golden J

I have been getting massages for years but Tracey is the best! She uses a gentle touch massage that does more good than some of the painful ones I have endured. With over 30 years of experience, she has changed my life. I go twice a month and she is also my therapist that reminds me to take care of ME! Her insight and her skills are the perfect blend and I will give up many things in my life, but not Tracey’s massage sessions! Treat yourself....you deserve it!

Lolita Sergio

My monthly sessions with Tracey are a powerfully calm journey of energy work, stillness and healing. Her empathy and ability to create the exact massage I need at the time of my visit is a gift.

Graciela V., Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I have been a super satisfied client of Tracey's for over 3 years now!  I play lots of tennis and I can honestly say that if it weren't for her, I would have had to give up my favorite sport years ago.  We agreed early on that her mission was to keep me healthy so I could play tennis, and for sure she has met her end of the bargain.  She truly understands the mind and the body, and addresses the cause of your problems, not just the symptoms.  Whether it's been a strained shoulder, hip pain, pinched nerve in my neck, Achilles' tendon or just overall fatigue or aches, she's always been able to "fix what ails me".  Her experience, knowledge and sensitivity have enabled her to find issues I didn't realize I had, or just forgot to mention.  She also has a great network and can recommend other professionals if she thinks that might help too.  I have recommended Tracey to many of my tennis friends, and every single one of them has been amazed at her ability to address their problems.  Over the years I've had too many massages to count, and can honestly say that none of them had the lasting therapeutic effect that Tracey's do.  I look forward to my regular appointments with Tracey and can't recommend her highly enough!

Maryann G

When I enlisted Tracey's services, I had severe pain on my lower back. After reading the excellent testimonials on her website, I contacted Tracey for an appointment. Tracey lived up to and went above and beyond the high expectations that I had for her. Tracey, exhibited a kind and empathetic manner. She was exceptionally skilled, professional, and knowledgeable. After our first session, I experienced immediate relief. After 5 weeks and 7 massage therapy sessions and due to Tracey's expertise, I had no pain and was able to compete successfully in a pickle ball tournament. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate Tracey's abilities as a Licensed Professional Massage Therapist as an 11. She is both an exceptional person and an excellent massage therapist. There a few individuals I know who would receive this type of recommendation from me. Thank you, Tracey.

Raymond W. Powell, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

After having a headache for seven weeks, two courses of anti-biotics and having seen four practitioners (five now including Tracey) my headache is gone!

My naturopathic doctor recommended among other things a “sinus” massage.

Tracey is not your “average” therapist. She is a pro with a capital “P”.

Vickie Henshaw

I was happy to see Tracey feature pain management as a service on her website.  As a client of Tracey’s for nearly ten years, I have personally experienced her massage therapy for reduction of pain.  In fact, the last weekend in May, I drove to Ft. Lauderdale from Central Florida, so Tracey could work on the neck pain I had been experiencing for three weeks.  She used moist heat, hot rocks, flower essences, and her years of experience in my 90 minute session.  I immediately felt results and the next day I was pain free!  Thanks, Tracey—you truly are the best.

M. Wagner, Leesburg FL

Tracey made me feel amazing! I went to see her because I had been having terrible headaches and a lot of pressure in my sinuses.. I walked out literally feeling lighter and 100 times better! Every time that I see her my body thanks me for it. Her massages are magical! 

Erin Branham

To call Tracey a Massage Therapist is an understatement! She is a true healer in the full traditional sense of the word. Visiting her office is an experience that I would wish for all people with a desire to get rid of their aches and pains incurred by the drudgery of daily life and renew themselves in body and spirit.

Tracey takes the time to sit with you and listen and understand your true inner need before she even asks you to get on her table. From then on it is a journey and the more you are willing to let go and let Tracey take over, the deeper is the level of your healing.

Felix Abraham

Tracey Samples connects the dots/points in my body to create an ease into balance and alignment. After a session with Tracey, I can feel the change in energy flow. The posture of my body is heightened. There is a clarity in relationship to "presence". After my session - 5'2" never felt so tall!

ES, Fort Lauderdale

Tracey is a master at her craft. Her knowledge of the body in conjunction with her deep sense of awareness and ability to connect is what makes her truly unique. After an injury to my groin she helped my body heal. I was walking no time. I highly recommend her!!!

David Lopez Robles

Tracey is fantastic. She has a quiet, professional demeanor, and she gets to the root of the issue. Her approach is unique and very effective. I highly recommend Tracey!

Nicki Forde

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